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Fast Movers, one of the most dynamically developing enterprises in the transport and moving area, provides with consistency, safety, quality of services, high level of customers satisfaction, low cost, and free from delays, damages or any problem the following services:

1. Movings and Relocations
The company is distinguished in movings and relocations services for householdings, offices, enterprises and large organizations.

It is also specialised in movings of special types of charges such as works of art, musical instruments, safe-boxes, industrial and medical equipment etc.  

2. Lifting Movings and Relocations
The company allocates special lifting machines and vehicles, the appropriate know-how, the experience and the trained personnel in order to move material and charges in the top of high buildings with reliability and safety.  

3. Transportations
The company allocates a privately-owned fleet of trucks and an excellent co-operators network in Greece and abroad in order to provide integrated trasportation services to the customers.

Thus, it undertakes the transportation of all-kind products and charges with safety, resposibility, consistency and full insurance coverage in Grece and abroad.  

4. Warehousing
The company allocates modern warehouses, safe, free from dust, humidity and other risks, with specual allarm systems for fire safety for the storage of any kind of charges and materials.  

5. Installation of Art Galleries and Exhibitions
The company is specialised in the installation of art galleries and exhibitions. It allocates essential equipment, special packaging material, air-conditioned vehicles and well-trained personnel in order to guarantee high-quality integrated services for the transportation, the storage and the installation of an art gallery or an exhibition.  

6. Packaging and Packing
The company allocates special types of material for packaging, packing and wrapping and our well-trained personnel prepares and uses the appropriate packaging material depending on the personalised needs of our customers.

Thus, it provides special packaging material for furnitures, electrical equipment, computers, books and files, crystals, clothes, household stuff, paintings and works of art, musical instruments, industrial equipment, medical equipment etc.  

7. Insurance Coverage
The company provides full insurance coverage to all its activities and services in order to satisfy the customers requirements in co-operation with the biggest insurance companies in Greece.  

8. Special Services
The company provides special, enhanced services on movings and transportations that gives us a competitive advantage, such as the assembling/disassembing of furniture, the moving of charges with high weight/volume, the moving of charges with high value, the moving of special charges such as musical instrument, safe-boxes, medical equipment, industrial equipment, computer and communications systems etc.  
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